Company profile

ŽIAROMAT a.s. Company has been the member of the ŽELEZIARNE PODBREZOVÁ GROUP since the second half of 2004.

On the European and domestic market our company is known as the manufacturer of heat resisting materials.

Property listed in the deed of tile of the company cover the area of 384 058 m2, out of which 124 533 m2 are built-up areas and yards. All areas are accessible for cars, a part of the areas is also accessible by railway as we own a private railway siding.

Technological equipment for processing heat resistant raw materials consists of pan mills for dry and wet grinding, clamp grinders, screw vacuum presses, joint press, and hydraulic presses. Baking of products is done in two furnaces.

ŽIAROMAT a.s. is manufacturing and trading company with the sale of heat resistant materials not only on the Slovak market but also abroad (Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Peru, Poland, Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Russia).