Subsidiaries of Železiarne Podbrezová a.s.
Transformaciones Metalurgicas S.A.U.
Registered Office: Calle Joan Draper i Fossas, 30
08350 Arenys de Mar (Barcelona), Spain
President: Ing. Vladimír Soták
CEO: Joan Ramon Domènech
Telephone: +34 93 754 9200
Telefax: +34 93 752 3847
E-mail: transmesa@transmesa.com
Web Site: www.transmesa.com
The Company, founded in 1944 in Barcelona, specializes in manufacturing of precision cold drawn tubes and tubes made of carbon and low-alloy steel. TRANSMESA became part of ŽP Group in July 2008.
Registered Office: Českoslovensej armády 1694, Martin, Slovak Republic
Directorate: Priemyselná 916,
Hliník nad Hronom, Slovak Republic
CEO: Ing. Roman Veverka
Telephone: +421 45 6762720
Telefax: +421 45 6762781
E-mail: veverka@ekoqelet.sk
Web Site: www.ekoqelet.sk
The company is engaged in buying and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap in several localities of Slovakia. During several years of processing secondary raw materials, the company has become a preferred supplier of steel scrap for Železiarne Podbrezová, a.s., which took over that company in July 2005.
Registered Office: Továrenská 1, 98501 Kalinovo, Slovak Republic
CEO: Ing. Peter Baláž
Telephone: +421 47 4302013, 4302018
Telefax: +421 47 4302008
E-mail: ziaromat@ziaromat.sk
Web Site: www.ziaromat.sk
ŽIAROMAT a.s. is a traditional manufacturer of refractory materials such as fire-clay, refractory concrete, other building materials, and refractory mixtures. The company became a member of ŽP Group in 2004.
KBZ s.r.o.
Registered Office: Karpatská 14, 04001 Košice, Slovak Republic
Managers: Ing. Andrej Orolín, Oto Ivan, Anton Mucha
Telephone: +421 55 7203607
Telefax: +421 55 7203608
E-mail: kbz@kbz.sk
Web Site: www.kbz.sk
KBZ s.r.o., Košice, is among the leading companies in the Slovak market, which trades in the field of non-ferrous metals and ferrous scrap. The company is a preferred supplier of steel scrap for Železiarne Podbrezová a.s..