Company history

Towards the end of 19th Century and the advancement of metallurgy there was a greater utilization of fire resistant clays from Kalinovo region. It is this period of time where we can put establishment of our factory. It was the year 1890 and the name of the company back then was “Kalinovská šamotová továreň uč. spol.” (Kalinovo Fire Clay factory Shareholding Company). This was the first company to produce fire clay and to be the first industrial company. It was founded by Bartolomej Deutch and his co-owner Peter Krauz. Two steam engines were used as the energy source for the company. After the establishment of the company, they employed 120 – 150 employees. Company started production of all assortments of fire clay.
In 1901 the first railroad was built from city of Lucenec to Poltar.
During the World War I. Company was not fully operational.
During the Great Depression between 1921 and 1924 the clay company was also affected.
After the end of World War II. production in the company was restored.
In year 1946 company was nationalized.
After 1946 production program was focused to production of construction ceramics.
Between years 1951 and 1958 Kalinovo plant became the base plant of the Central Slovakia Ceramic plants. In 1958 company merged with the Slovak Magnesite plants located in Lovinobana, with Magnesite mines and smelters in Lubenik and the Central Slovakia Ceramic plants to become one company under the name of Slovenské magnezitové závody Košice (Slovak Magnesite Plants Kosice).
Company shifted their production to production of materials for tiled stoves, stoves and fire clay soft type material.
Installation of the Keller automatics in buildings right above furnace No. 1 and 2.
In year 1952 construction of a new preparation and press shop with wet set system type Chambers, construction of raw material storage, work shops, garages, administration building and laboratories. Introduction of production using semi-wet press and refurbishing of the old shop where we prepare raw materials.
In year 1968, based on the initiative of Mr. Maniacek we started pilot production of refractory concrete panels.
In year 1970 new hall was built for production of sling materials and refractory concrete.
In year 1990 we have 100th Anniversary of our foundation
In year 1993 there was a separation of plants of the SMZ s.p. Kosice to individual plants and they accepted their own plant names. SMZ Kalinovo changed its name to Ziaromat s.p. Kalinovo. In year 1995, during the privatization process company was transformed into the employees own stock holding company and the name became Ziaromat a.s. Kalinovo.
In the middle of 2004 company Ziaromat a.s. had principal shareholding changes and as the result of them, company became a member of a Group of companies belonging to Zeleziarne Podbrezova a.s. Company as the parent company

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